For Attorneys

The concept is simple.

We spoke to dozens of attorneys who were tired of being asked to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars just to speak to  prospective clients.

We believe there shouldn't be any barrier dividing attorneys and those who need legal services.

This website is designed to simplify the process.  A prospective client inputs his or her information.  You receive that information.  You and the prospective client may then decide whether to engage in a relationship.

The best part?  It's free.

Neither you nor the prospective client pays a dime.


We're launching our free, open-source service here in North Carolina, as we are based here.  If the project proves successful and useful, we'll expand nationwide.

We have attempted to input an algorithm that identifies and contacts top attorneys working in each practice area within North Carolina.  If you haven't received any correspondence from us, feel free to send us an email at contact[at]ncattorneyfinder[dot]com, providing us with your name, practice area(s), and contact information.  We'll check your credentials and then add you to our list.

Happy lawyering.